Boston Marathon 2015

That was that – my first Boston Marathon!!!

It was a long day, a wet day, a loud day, an exciting day, and a day I will certainly never forget!!

bus to the boston marathon

On the bus with all the Cape Codders, namely Nicole from In Motion Training!

I’ll jump right to some honesty here though: I didn’t experience much of that “OMG this is BOSTON” feeling. As we pulled into Hopkinton and later found our corrals, I couldn’t believe I was there. I was with some great new friends and enjoyed the excitement! But for most of those 26.2 miles and even crossing the finish line, I didn’t experience any strong emotions. Was that because I knew the streets so well? Was it because it was pouring rain? Were the crowds as crazy as usual (Wellesley was oddly quiet)? Or was I just plain hurting?

I’m going to take the blame on this because I feel like I meditated through the entire race. I was in a solid zone, sticking to the middle of the road rather than the crowded sidelines. I felt like I was looking inward more than out. It’s not that I didn’t “take in the moment” along the way, but I was certainly zoning (see side stitch below).

boston marathon running

While it did rain and it was windy in the final 6 miles, the weather didn’t bother me one bit! I would take that kind of cool temperature for a marathon any day! (though it would have been fun to celebrate outside more on Boylston Street!) I’m so grateful to my husband and many friends for standing out there on the sidelines! Today/Tuesday is mid-70s and so humid in Boston – no thank you!

A year ago I was just stepping back outside for my first runs post ACL surgery, so I’m ecstatic to report that my knee is the one part of my legs not dying after all those downhills, yeeesh! “They” weren’t kidding about the quad burn!

running the boston marathon

All in all, this wasn’t my strongest race and I wish I felt a little more proud of how I ran. I started dealing with an intense side stitch around Mile 5 that lasted at least until Mile 15, and it prevented me from breathing deep, full breaths. Perhaps this is what put me in a zone, because I had to focus so much on calming my energy. BUT, just like my first and only other marathon in 2013, I’m happy to say that I never stopped running!

  • Miles 1-3: SO slow with the crowds! Just no way around it, literally.
  • Miles 3-12: These miles were ticking by so fast! How could I be almost half-way done with THE Boston Marathon?
  • Miles 13-17: Okay, maybe this isn’t going by THAT fast after all…
  • Miles 18-21: Excitement of seeing Gary with our friends at the base of Heartbreak Hill!
  • Miles 22-26.2: Toying with sprinting and dragging my feet at the same time. I simultaneously felt great AND knew too much about the distance still to come. I ultimately decided to chill out and enjoy this part – the loudest crowds and excitement in the air!

Official time: 4:27:15

I really do wish it was nice enough to hang around at the finish! It was raining too hard to even take my phone out for a selfie ;-) But of course we found a pub soon after!

boston marathon medal

I was wide awake at 5am this morning, and psyched to see that my favorite yoga studio was welcoming all runners to a free class today with their Boston Marathon medal! Also, since I’m here to type this now, it means I’m not still stuck on the floor in Savasana!

boston marathon yogaA HUGE congratulations to all of my peers who rocked the streets of Boston yesterday! We are all part of a greater whole in this “town”, and I’m so very happy I could be part of another chapter within it! More and more, this is hitting me today, after the race…

Thank you!

and thank you for the photos, Bekah and Kyle!

5 Comments on “Boston Marathon 2015

  1. Yay, congrats! I sort of feel the same way about New York – it was all just sort of a blur and I didn’t have that “OH MY GOD I’M RUNNING THE NEW YORK CITY MARATHON!” excitement that everyone told me I would have. I think it’s like you said, it was places that were all familiar to me and places I didn’t really love to begin with. And the deafening roar turing onto First Ave…well apparently those crowds took a break when I ran by!

    So glad that you had a good experience though! I can’t wait to hear more about it when we hangout!

  2. You have a lot to be proud of my dear! I wish I could have been there! I absolutely love how obvious it is that Gary was so excited for you. Love you guys!

  3. Ah! Congratulations – you are an inspiration! Be proud of yourself, my dear – you accomplished something incredible!

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