Blizzard of 2015

Can we call it that? I mean, 2015 only started four weeks ago, but I think we’re all guessing this one’s The Biggie. The Blizzard of 2015. Also known as #blizzard2015. Did you welcome Juno to your home this January?

dogs in the blizzardWe counted about 26 inches total over the two days, though the snow drifts are at least a foot higher than that. As I type this on Wednesday evening, we still haven’t seen a single plow down our “secondary road”. But – and I can say this now – I’m sooo surprised that we kept power through the entire storm! That never happens here on Cape Cod, particularly in 75 mph winds! We were are stuck cozy at home with heat, television, tons of food, and our Internet service!cape cod in juno blizzardWhen you’re snowed in like this during marathon training, there’s nothing better than a neighbor who’s training too! Funny story about Jen: I’ve seen her running and she’s seen me running, but we never knew each other (over the last 5+ years!) until a couple months ago when I stopped her man on the neighborhood trails to ask for her phone number. I texted out of the blue and said “HI! I’m your running neighbor, Stacey!”

…And so it is, we now each have a buddy to run with during a snow storm! We walked down our street in tall snow boots to get to the plowed road, changed into our sneakers, and set off for a wonderful 8 miles! So grateful we could get out there together!running in blizzard junoMight be late notice, but don’t forget to check out Icespikes (from NH) or the Yaktrax “Run” cleats for your winter running!

Hope all of our New England pals are having a blast and getting out there for some fresh, fluff-filled air this week!

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  1. I’m so jealous! We only got about 5 inches here. I was really hoping for a big dumping. And lucky you to find a running buddy so close to home! I live way out in the middle of nowhere, so I haven’t had much luck in that department.

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