Birthday Run

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been making sure to prioritize a RUN on my birthday!

Most of those years I was just a casual runner, yet the feeling of doing something good and healthy for myself was always a “thing”. I can think of no better celebration of where you’re at in life! Fresh air, deep lungs and quiet reflection! I feel the same every New Years day.

Now that I’m REALLY into running, I would loooove to head out the door with friends for a couple hours of running some birthday! It’s never happened, so look out for 2015!

Views on my run around the neighborhood cranberry bogs.

In order to run on my birthday this year, while following my ACL recovery plan of running every other day, I had to skip Tuesday run club at Marathon Sports and won’t be able to join Bayside Runner’s pub run tomorrow. I’m probably following the rules a little too strictly, so we’ll see how I feel tomorrow anyway ;-) But it was important to head out today!

Do you have a fun running or fitness goal on your birthday? What’s your favorite way to celebrate?

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