Before Surgery

So I’ve been torn felt weird about blogging since tearing my ACL a month ago – thus rendering myself a non-runner for at least the four months following. I love the running community SO much, and I love blogging, but I’m worried you came here for things like running and inspiration… You didn’t choose to follow my blog to learn about knee surgery and physical therapy.

That being said, I follow a few handfuls of running blogs too of course, and I see posts about baby showers, vacations and anniversary dinners, etc. It’s pretty cool to get to know someone as a whole person, which is still inspirational, right? Gosh, I hope so, because you might disown me once I start talking about all the knitting I’m doing on the couch ;-)

Anyway, a typical week for me these days includes physical therapy on Mondays and Thursdays. Eric warms up my knee with a little massage before we get to bending and mobilization, and then it’s off to the pool for lots of great movement. We finish with 10 minutes of stimulation to my quads, and another 10 minutes of an amazing machine for ice and compression. A whole appointment might last about an hour and a half, and I truly love every [sometimes painful] minute of it!

The rest of the week, I’m bound to the house because I can’t drive. It’s a great time of year for it though, because now that I’m more comfortable sitting up, I can get some end-of-year tasks accomplished in my office (I’m a self-employed photographer) for at least a few hours a day. When I’m back on the couch, I’m usually doing more leg exercises, watching seasons of things on Netflix, and knitting. Usually once or twice a week my friends are kind enough to come visit on the couch or take me out of the house for little adventures! And because my husband runs too, we still make it to weekly run club at Marathon Sports on Tuesdays. I’m so grateful for everyone around me!

I’m super grateful for my mom! My folks live about 15 minutes away and postponed a 6-week RV trip to help me with rides to PT and doctors appointments, etc. It has been a HUGE help having someone I love and trust to count on at a time like this! We sneak in little coffee dates and fun errands too – nice actually spending so much time together. Thanks Mom!

Gary has been absolutely wonderful around home as well, taking full care to exercise our dogs, do all the laundry, and to remind me to ice my knee several times a day! He’s been a great encouragement. I loved when he said it was actually nice to have me taken “down a notch” and to take care of me – I’m not usually someone who sits down much ;-)

Surgery is planned for this Thursday, January 23rd, at New England Baptist Hospital in Boston! My range of motion wasn’t strong enough for the official go-ahead on Monday, but I’m working hard to be there this week!

So I thank YOU for sticking around the blog and following along in this new journey! Your encouragement on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook has been huge!  XO

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