Back to Training!

Yup, today was officially the first day of a whole new marathon training cycle! one week after the Boston Marathon, and just four weeks before the Vermont City Marathon! Lucky for me, that means it’s not too far till taper time too ;-) Did someone say carbo-load?

I didn’t originally plan to run two back-to-back marathons, and honestly it makes me sound like way more of a rockstar than I really am! I’ve been planning on running Vermont since deferring after ACL surgery last spring, and I snuck Boston in there just because I couldn’t possibly say no to a bib number. In a way, I think some of my lack of emotion about Boston is because Vermont has solidly been my “comeback race”. It means so much to me to have come full circle and achieve my goal! Last year at this time, after several months in the pool, I was only learning how to run on solid ground again. I was gifted Vermont City Marathon gear for Christmas 2013, and have worn my “In Training” shirt since registering in November 2013. Needless to say, there has definitely been some mental and a whole lotta physical build up!

knee surgery on the couch

Me on the couch, rockin’ optimistic t-shirts.

But of course… I did run a marathon a week ago. Goal achieved? Well oddly enough, I’m tearing up just writing THIS post. So I now firmly believe that Vermont is the destination for me. Bring the tissues! (or if you truly know me, just stand clear of the snot rockets).

winter on crutches in Vermont

I’m actually on crutches in this photo, rockin’ the Vermont City Marathon 2014 winter jacket!

I’m pretty excited for Vermont over Memorial Day weekend! I think a 3,000-person race is MUCH more my style than a 30,000-person race, and my family and close friends will all be among the incredible fans who are rumored to boost this race to the nines! I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention my hopes for [keyword] sunshine and cool breezes as we celebrate at the post-race festival! It couldn’t rain again, could it??

Tell me your thoughts about bigger-vs-smaller races! Do you thrive among thousands of other runners and the huge expo-style festivities? Or are you happier to park your own car at the start/finish and experience a small-town feel? I’ve now run 26.2 with 800 people and 30,000 people, and I have a hunch Vermont’s 3,000 will be juuuuuust right.

3 Comments on “Back to Training!

  1. NYCM was definitely too big for me, the whole process was overwhelming, but I also think 800 people for a marathon would feel really small and sort of “empty”. I’m looking forward to trying a race that’s about 5-8,000 people…I think that may be a nice size!

  2. Huge races and lots of people can be really cool and exciting, but there’s something undeniably comfortable about a small-town race. I’ll be running a Corporate 5k in Montpelier in a couple of weeks with about 4,000 runners. I did it last year and it was great. Enough people to be a huge community event, but not overwhelming numbers of people.

  3. Great post….you are such an inspiration! You’re gonna rock Vermont!! xoxo

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