Back to Run Club!

I’ve been attending our weekly run clubs at Marathon Sports in Mashpee pretty much the whole time I’ve been injured. See, the thing is, we typically run 30 minutes, but hang out together for three hours! Ha! Also, my husband still goes, so I just come along to visit my pals.

Last night I actually laced up my Mizunos and joined back in! I ran 3 minutes on, and 3 minutes off (walking) for a total of three miles. Thankfully, there’s now a five-mile option, so my timing was right in line with those guys returning to the store too.

(look! my first watch photo in five months! ha!)

Most amazingly, Crystal and Amanda ran with me! Two of the same beautiful women who carried me out of the woods in December! It was wonderful having them there for my first outdoor run in five months, chatting and taking photos (carefully ;-))… it felt like old times!

Except for the fact that this was Crystal & Joe’s last run club with us before their move with the Coast Guard to Sitka, Alaska. Not so cool.

But hey, at least there was pizza, beer, cupcakes and gifts!

Run club will NOT be the same without Crystal & Joe. There will be many less laughs, and a loss for Crystal’s positivity and enthusiasm. It seems off that I’m just starting to run again, and my training partner is leaving… In a perfect world, I’d be running the Vermont City Marathon this weekend, after a beautiful spring (and admittedly painful winter) of running around Cape Cod with her. But there is SO much amazingness coming ahead for them in Alaska, and I can’t wait to follow along and visit asap!

Any tips for Crystal and Joe, on running in Alaska? Gear, favorite spots, best ways to distract the wildlife, etc.?

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