Inspiring the Kids

We don’t have children of our own, and that’s a choice we’re planning to stick with at this point… So this post is just about observation, not meant to be judgement.


I had a conversation with my mom recently about the kids growing up next door and across the street from them:

  • The house next door is occupied by a family with five kids who have been raised in Europe thus far, and they are moving back soon with their dad’s government service job. The kids range in age from 6 months to 11 years. They are never indoors, always playing outside in the yard and woods, even in all the snow we’ve been enjoying this winter. They recently shoveled my parents’ long driveway. Such a joy seeing these young kids always creating their own adventures outdoors!
  • Across the street are two young American teenagers. They are never outside, nor have they ever been these last few years at least. We haven’t seen them help their own parents in the yard, and they haven’t ever shoveled out the mailboxes they share with my parents, age 60-65. Maybe just a teenager thing?

I can’t help but also think about the street I live on now with my husband, where the parents often drive their kids to and from the bus stop, less than a quarter mile away. I’m pretty sure the only time I’ve ever caught a ride to the bus stop was in the pouring rain.

At the same time, I absolutely love seeing all of you on Instagram – runners and triathletes who are so active and involving your children. Our mountain friends who are off skiing and hiking. Such an inspiration, and a wonderful glimpse into the active little humans you’re creating!

How are you inspiring activity in the next generation? Your own kids, your nieces and nephews, or children in your community? Are they already even joining you in kids’ road races? What are some cool activities in your area or your home that you can share with us?

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