ACL Week One

So it’s been one week since knee surgery! To learn more about the specifics of my ACL reconstruction, click here.

One week ago, I arrived home on crutches. No huge pain on Day 1, but it was a rough night sleep for sure. After hearing from both my doctor and her office before 8am the next morning, I realized I should probably just increase my drug dosage. All was definitely better by the close of Day 2!

I’ve been sleeping on the couch on the first floor of our home. No major reason, since I’m now a pro on crutches, but it was easy and comfortable enough – and I was slightly drugged. I showered only twice this week, because I was definitely nervous to be out of my leg brace.


(trust me, I’m sitting on a seat, that’s not just my Beyonce butt pose)

PT started right away on Monday! I didn’t mention it earlier, but waking up after surgery, the doctors were all gone from the building. I basically got in the car without much in the way of instruction. So PT was finally a chance to ask lots of questions. To remove the brace and see where my leg was at. I went back again on Wednesday, and have started to move and strengthen a bunch already!

It was Wednesday morning when I woke up feeling suddenly ready to walk! This happened to me in January after my injury as well – where I just woke up instantly engaging my quads and no need for crutches. I now still have a crutch or two occasionally, given the snow and excited dogs in my life, but I can definitely walk to the kitchen for a cup of tea. The major issue is that my brace is locked at full extension, and it’s just never easy to walk with a straight leg.

If you or a loved one have had knee surgery before, then you may have seen a CPM machine (Continuous Passive Movement). It’s this fancy contraption prescribed for at-home therapy since the 1970s, and for approximately 4 hours a day, I let it assist my leg in bending to an increasing degree of flexion.


(my right leg in the machine above, bending currently to 40 degrees a few times per minute)

Most people seem to hate this machine, but for me it’s so much more comfortable to bend my leg – and it’s great to know I’m progressing! I’m treating this week as a 100% couch week anyway, so I’ve got the time to spare.

We also celebrated our 9-year wedding anniversary this week! On the couch, with our favorite sushi and the most gorgeous flowers :-) Our wedding took place outdoors in the snow of Vermont on the best day ever, and just for us, a beautiful fluffy snow fell all morning this year on January 29th too!

That’s it for Week One specifics! I hope some of this helps those who are going through knee injuries in the future, and you’re always welcome to use the option to the right if you have specific questions!

Back to the doc on Monday for stitches out!

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