ACL Week Two

And thus concludes Week Two after ACL surgery!

It was kind of a downer week mentally. I made it to my post-op appointment to get my stitches out, and I learned that I’d be bound to a locked (straight) brace for another full month. It has to do with the one little stitch in my meniscus, not really my ACL at all.

So imagine walking around, sitting and sleeping with one very straight leg 24 hours a day for about 6 weeks. Yeah, that sounds like a blast.

BUT, the point is we’re moving forward, right? Every day [must be] getting better and better!

  • I’m at a 90 degree bend now in therapy, which is key to ACL recovery. I gotta stop there while my meniscus heals, so I suppose my main job is now just to maintain that range of motion and keep building leg muscles back up.
  • I’m still using at least one crutch most of the time, but I can hobble around the house without much worry (as long as the UPS guy doesn’t pull in our driveway, woof woof!).
  • Stitches are out and the scars look great. Too great. If I’m going to go through all this pain and suffering, I want the sexy scars to go with it, dammit!
  • At PT, we’ve been adding some simple movements on the balance mat, wall squats, recumbent bike, rowing machine, elliptical and high steps. Should be back in the pool soon now that stitches are out!
  • Sleep is non-existent. I can’t even talk about it. I hate going to bed. Basically, my leg seizes up a few times per night, and my right glutes are aching in any position. I’m steering clear of any drugs, so maybe that’s my own fault. It’s gotta end soon, right? *clink* of the wine glass…
  • I won’t be driving for a few more weeks. My injury is on my right-hand side, so yeah… I’ve been relying on rides and mostly my Mom to get around to PT appointments and errands. I ordered groceries through Peapod Delivery once so far and it was amazing!
  • While out on the town, pretty much EVERYONE wants to talk to me. I feel like a pregnant woman must feel. Tuesday, a cashier at Trader Joe’s walked across the store to give me a bouquet of get-well flowers off the shelves. Later, I met a woman who was grocery shopping for her 94-year old sister who had knee surgery.

So that’s another week in the life of ACL recovery… nothing too glamorous, and don’t worry, I won’t be posting about every single week, ha! I’m looking forward to joining a new gym (location of my PT and pool!) as soon as I can drive, and I’ll be able to start getting to upper-body workouts at least too!

It’s been snowing just about every other day! It’s weird to be cozied up indoors and not have it really affect me at all… and I’m a huge snow lover, so I do wish I could enjoy it! We’re heading up to our friends in Vermont this weekend, which should be an excellent getaway and change of scenery!

Hope you have a beautiful weekend, and happy running!

Any recommendations on running movies for me?

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