A Better way to Selfie!

We went up to New Hampshire for a ski weekend with my husband’s colleagues this past weekend! Such a gorgeous, sunshiney weekend to head up into the mountains!

I learned a little party trick from the Innernet while I was cozied up home alone and the others were skiing… your iPhone earbuds can activate the phone camera!

Yep, plug your earbuds into the phone, and then use the + or – button to press the shutter! (don’t forget to turn the view around if you’re taking a photo of yourself and others)

I realize at least half of you probably already knew this, but it’s pretty awesome for the other half to learn! Also, self-timer apps tend to be grainy and gross. I look forward to getting more people to fit into my selfies, capturing more creative angles, and also to taking normal photos that aren’t as one-arm-shaky as they might have been before!

Do you love or hate selfies? It seems to be a favorite of the running/fitness crowd, while others think we’re crazy? Some call it narcissistic, but I feel like they’re on their own crowded bandwagon of “let’s call it narcissistic” people. Lighten up and have fun!

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