5 Tips: Marketing Your Running Blog

I’m now running my own photography business full-time, but my background includes 15 years in corporate marketing strategy. I don’t regret that career, or my MBA, for a second, because no matter what I’m doing, it’s the marketing aspect I love most!

So, for sure, when I created this running blog, I got to put a lot of my marketing experience to use. It was never intended to be a money-maker or anything, but I’ve had a lot of fun with branding and the viral, community-nature of social media!

But this is about YOU! Just some things I think about when checking in on all my favorite running bloggers – I hope these tips help your community grow!

5 tips for marketing your running blog!

  1. Facebook: (assuming you have a separate page) Make sure your web LINK is at the top of your Facebook page. You can put this in the little section titled “Short Description” when editing your page info so it shows clickable at the top! Don’t make visitors click through farther to try and find your link. [quick, go check your page!]
  2. Face it!: Your face is all over Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more, so make it count! People will identify with you much better through a close-up photo, maybe shoulders-up, to see your face. If your whole body is in the photo, a favorite race-day finish perhaps, chances are we have NO idea what we’re even looking at (a human figure?) in that tiny photo.
  3. Mix it Up: Don’t just post the same status or photo everywhere at the exact same time… consider each audience and share, ask questions, prompt discussion in different ways. Give us a reason to follow your Instagram AND your Facebook page, know whattimean?
  4. Business Cards: Consider fun “business” cards, like Moo’s MiniCards, that contain your information as a runner! This is no longer just for the office – tons of moms are carrying cards with contact information for a playdate! MiniCards even have a thin plastic case to protect them from sweat on your next group run!
  5. Great Photos!: I admit, I looove that this blog allows me to use just iPhone photos and videos. BUT, you really do need to edit them at least a tiny bit. Grab an app like Afterlight to be able to brighten, crop, straighten and boost color a bit! Use apps like WordSwag or FontStudio to add text.
And last but not least, for any social media at all – blogs, Facebook Instagram, Twitter and more, I HIGHLY recommend Canva.com for your design needs! No need for Photoshop expertise here – just easily find your dimensions. add any of the dozens of free add-ons (text, graphics, frames) , and download the free web file right to your desktop!

Any tips you want to add? I tried to pick just five for today, but I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please feel free to share in the comments below!

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