2018 BAA Half Marathon

Well gang, I think I just returned from my personal best race ever – the BAA Half Marathon!For reasons I won’t get into too much, I ended up with approximately exactly 10 days to train for this half marathon. I haven’t been running more than three – maybe six – miles a week since the 2017 Vermont City Marathon, so that’s basically a year and a half. Gary and I joined a gym and have been keeping ourselves in somewhat regular shape, but running was mostly just a social thing. I hadn’t seen my Garmin watch since May 2017 either.

In this 10 day training stretch, I managed to sneak in a 5-miler, 9-miler, and 6-miler (in addition to a couple of smaller runs)… which is basically the bare-minimum I needed in order to reach the start line on Sunday.

Probably for all these reasons – no concern for time, no strict training, no expectations – it ended up being my best race ever, both physically and mentally! I never really knew what my pace was or what mile I was running. I’m reading and listening to tons of spirituality stuff lately, and I couldn’t help but smile to think about the 10,000 runners who were lifting the vibration across Boston Sunday morning!

Thanks to Kyle for being by my side every time there’s a race in Boston it seems! And to Katie, Grace, and all the runners and volunteers who were out there to make it a spectacular, inspiration-filled event!

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