Blizzard of 2015

Can we call it that? I mean, 2015 only started four weeks ago, but I think we’re all guessing this one’s The Biggie. The Blizzard of 2015. Also known as #blizzard2015. Did you welcome Juno to your home… Read More

Trails and Blizzards

Here we sit, awaiting the pending BLIZZARD! Is it me, or does blizzard sound a little fluffy? Anyway, if they’re comparing it to a “blizzard” 30 years ago, then the definition of blizzard must be kind of a… Read More

Update on Heart Rate

running on cape cod in winter

Sooooo, after three months of trying and two solid months of not-even-cheating, I’m giving up on Maffetone heart rate training. I’m okay with giving up on things when they’re not working out. It’s not failure. And in this… Read More

Training in Georgia

palm trees on jekyll island

I spent the first half of this week in Provincetown, and then off to Georgia for the second half! My parents are spending five months as grounds-keepers at a plantation on the “Golden Isles” coastline of southern Georgia…. Read More

The End of the Earth

parabolic dunes provincetown

This week I found myself running in the snow in Provincetown! The very tip of our gorgeous Cape Cod! See, we photographers are great friends. People don’t always expect that, but at least in the greater Boston or… Read More

Back in the Woods

I’ve been hitting the trails more and more this winter season. When you think “running on Cape Cod”, you probably don’t think of the best ever trails, right? Maybe I agree, but after running 9 miles on trails today,… Read More

Choosing Not to Have Kids

My husband and I are both 38 years old (him a little more than that), and we’ve chosen not to have children. I’ve held this post for a long time now, but hearing from a friend today whose… Read More

New Year 2015

I’m pretty pumped for this new year, are you?!! I love new years (and Mondays)! A chance to start fresh! To start with a plan, and set new goals. With a new year, I also love looking back… Read More