Spectating Boston

Marathon Monday 2014 was an increeeeedible day! I found my way to Mile 20 – literally the Mile 20 marker! – with my pals Kyle and Amanda! I used to live in Newton, and we easily parked in… Read More

Boston 4.15.13

It’s all over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter today… rememberance of what the Boston and running communities survived one year ago. I’m amazed at the stories I’ve heard from my friends and peers since that time. Inspired and strengthened…. Read More

5 Tips: Marketing Your Running Blog

I’m now running my own photography business full-time, but my background includes 15 years in corporate marketing strategy. I don’t regret that career, or my MBA, for a second, because no matter what I’m doing, it’s the marketing… Read More

Health in a Cup

Sometimes smoothies seem so groundbreaking! Like, I can’t even believe how much HEALTH is in this cup of mine this morning! And I needed it after a weekend of eating out… It’s not a favorite recipe or anything… Read More

Running Drills

In my 10th and 11th week post ACL surgery, I’ve been starting to incorporate some running and agility drills! As a reminder, here are the details of the type of graft and surgery I chose. I’m working on… Read More

The Birds are Tweeting

It’s weird for me to say this on a blog, I know, but I’m feeling very withdrawn from social media right now. It’s a sad, sad place to be sometimes. I’ve never been one to feel that way… Read More

Ragnar with PRO Compression

More than just the amazing group of women running with our Flock You Like a Hurricane Ragnar Relay team this May, we also have some incrrredible companies helping us power through! We’ll all be sporting these fantastic PRO… Read More

A Better way to Selfie!

We went up to New Hampshire for a ski weekend with my husband’s colleagues this past weekend! Such a gorgeous, sunshiney weekend to head up into the mountains! I learned a little party trick from the Innernet while… Read More

Joined the Gym!

Dusting off the cobwebs today! The photo below was taken after dumping out my bag of “December 25th” gear. December 25th was the day after I tore my ACL on a trail run, and of course it was… Read More