The Girly Side of Zooma

Zooma is a “women’s race series” across the country. Somehow, it ended up being a little girly of a day for me in other ways too! At the expo the night before, I FINALLY found headbands that are… Read More

Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon

I generally don’t love reading “race recaps”, so let me start by saying it’s okay if you don’t read mine! But this one sounds a bit like a Grinch-Stole-Zooma children’s book because it ends with me having balloon… Read More

The art of self portraits while running! Also known as #sweatyselfies! (click arrows above to see more recent photos!) Carpe Diem Crystal and I have been lucky to be on a similar training schedule these days, with marathon’s… Read More

From Casual to Training

The longer miles… not wanting to take a day off running… what is THAT? There’s something that comes with running longer. A friend tried to convince me of this once when we were living in Auckland, New Zealand…. Read More

Weight Loss in Running

I didn’t set out to lose any weight right now, but I suppose it’s hard to NOT lose weight when you go from an average of 10 miles per week to over 35-40 miles per week of running!… Read More

Hair of the Dog

Love this! The runner’s hair of the dog! urbanfitopia: I had the most peaceful recovery run tonight. No music or no pace watch. The park was quiet (but not eerily, horror move quiet). It was just me and… Read More

Runners Beside Me

One of the little ways I’ve taken to mentally getting through a long run is to think about the people in my life who may have actually started running because of me! Imagining them running alongside me, all… Read More

Running the Vermont hills! Our ultimate would be to spend at least half our time in Vermont, but this year has been tough with so many Massachusetts and destination weddings in the books (which is also awesome). We’re… Read More

Obsessive Hobbying

I am a master hobbiest. I fall in love with something, I spend all my waking hours either doing it or thinking about it, I spend my last dollar on all the gadgets and gear, and yes…. I… Read More

This weekend I ran the Mighty Meehan 5K with my friend Beth! The race was such a great one, filled with so much love and support from the community! Now in it’s 6th year, Mighty Meehan raises funds… Read More