Cape Cod Runner on Facebook!

Cape Cod Runner on Facebook! I wanted to mark my own little corner of Facebook too, for shorter little bursts about running, training, local races, gear, and for sharing other great tips and links! I also look forward… Read More

Fitted for Sneakers

Mizuno wins! In the running world, there seems to be a ton of sneaker identity talk. “I’m a this runner”…. or “I’m a that runner!” I’ll go ahead and date myself, but I was an Adidas runner! When… Read More

What Training is All About

I’m sure training has a bit to do with building miles and endurance and strength, blah blah… that’s all pretty obvious. But what’s becoming clear to me as I embark on the marathon training process is that it’s… Read More

The Stick

“The Stick” is kinda dreamy. I use it every day on my runner legs, and pretty much can’t put it down once I start. Feels s-s-s-s-ooooooo good. Think I’m a weirdo? Here’s what their website says: The Stick… Read More

Falmouth Road Race 2013

Another Falmouth Road Race complete! Psyched to have pals Amanda and Courtney alongside for a beer at the finish! I think I’ve run this race a dozen times. I wish I had kept track! But I do still… Read More

The Pub Run

Pretty much in the top five of “Perks for Runners” is the pub run! We’ve never had a ton of weekly, organized runs on Cape Cod the way we did when I lived in Boston, but in the… Read More

Road ID

Do you have your Road ID? I chose the “Elite” bracelet option, and it lists my name, town, birthday, emergency contact and blood type. It’s so cool I kinda want to wear it for fashion when I’m not… Read More

Two Years Ago

I was Tweeting back and forth with a friend the other day, who inspired me to go back and check out my Daily Mile profile. Two years ago – the last time I logged in – my goal was… Read More

Running in Bermuda

My favorite way to explore any new place is with a good run! This past July, I photographed a wedding in Bermuda and brought my husband Gary along with me for a few days of gorgeous, beachy bliss…. Read More

Icing the Knee

Working through some knee issues this past July – the quintessential “runner’s knee” that affects many of us! After chatting with a couple of PT friends, I’ve been strengthening my inner quads in the meantime and feeling much… Read More