16 Excellent Miles

A 16 mile long run this morning! It was a run I’ve been dreading since completing 15 miles last weekend. Not that those were a terrible 15 miles, but it was the longest I’d ever run, and to go a whole other mile longer seemed daunting!

Saturday morning. Queue the sunshine, cool temps, and ample opportunity to eat and stretch right the night before (which I didn’t have last week)… This turned out to be a most EXCELLENT run! I felt amazing, and still do a few hours later! Didn’t see that coming today!

A friend of mine on Runkeeper commented on my run – “I’m inspired!” My first thought was “I am too!” Is that wrong? Can we inspire our very own selves? I think so! ME! Running 16 miles! I’m damn inspired by my own body, mind and the teamwork between the two of them!

Hope you’re having a great day in this beautiful September sunshine! Get out there and inspire yourself!

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