Do you have that thing that you always see? Something that’s always popping up in your life? A weird, quirky thing that probably means nothing, but causes you to pause every time?

For me, that’s the number 1047. Ever since I was a little kid and our local Cape Cod radio station was 104.7. All the times I’d look at the clock and it’s 10:47am or pm…

All of these photos were taken within the same few weeks last month. The first are screeenshots of my iPhone, and the second are from friends’ microwaves and cars along the way. Turns out the best radio station in Vermont (a path I chose for my life at age 17) is also 104.7! Is that not bonkers??

I can tell you right now, 1047 is not a PIN or password I’ve ever used (hi Internet!), and I don’t play any lottery games. But as I type this, I’m starting to think I really should! Are there any 4-digit lottery games?

Tell me your story! You’ve gotta have some weird little thing like this too?

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